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Tomato Paste Production Line

Tomato Paste production line is a process to wash, cut and crush tomatoes, then make heating, beating and concentration, sterilization of the tomato juice to get final tomato paste product and then packed under sterile environment. The whole process of tomato paste production line is under enclosed system which could keep clean and retain the original flavor and nutrients of the fresh tomatoes.
Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Packing Production Line

Working Process of The Tomato Paste Production Line

The tomato paste production line include the procss of washing, cutting, crushing and separation, heating, beating, concentration, sterilization and packing.

1) Washing

tomatoes could firstly go through a water channel then conveyed into the washing machine for better cleaning. Because tomatoes during the water conveying process could be picked out foreign materials and prewashed to get off soil, sand, microbes and pesticides before go into the washing machine for further cleaning.

2) Cutting, Crushing

tomatoes cutting and crushing is the pretreatment of the tomatoes for better beating, and to increase the tomato beating yield. Tomato crushing could adopt heating crushing or cold crushing methods according to the raw materials quality and the requirements to the final product.

3) Heating for Thermal Inactivation

Before beating, the crushed tomatoes should be heated to inhibit the pectinase activity and prevent the juice liquid separation of the product. And heating could soften the crushed tomatoes for better beating to reduce the loss and increase the viscosity of the product. Also heating could remove the air from the tomato tissue space and juice, which is good for the retention of tomato vitamin and avoid foam generated during the concentration process.

4) Beating and Refining

Beating and refining is an important part of tomato paste production line, which decides the flavor and condition of the final product. The waste residue from the beating process shall be carefully checked, cannot too wet or too dry. If the waste residue comes out too wet, which may cause high loss of the juice; If too dry, it may cause the tomato seeds crushed by the scraper of beating machine, which would affect the flavor and condition of the final product.

5) Vacuum Concentration

The tomato juice produced from the above process need to be concentrated by 6 times to become tomato paste. Currently, the mostly used concentration equipment is vacuum concentrator, which usually adopts triple-effect or four-effect forced circulation tube evaporator for better concentration.

6) Ultra High Temperature Instantaneous Sterilization

The sterilization adopts ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization method, to complete the sterilization in very short time, for retaining the nutrient contents and good color of the final product.

7) Filling / Packing

The filling machine could be customized according to customer's request for different types of packages, like bag packge or glass bottle packge.

Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Packing Production Line

Main Features of The Tomato Paste Production Line

  • 1) The whole system of this tomato washing, cutting, beating and concentration machines are made by 304 stainless steel, which is rust resistant, easy to clean.
  • 2) The production line is automatic and continuous working, which has big processing capacity and high working effiency, which save a lot of manpower and labour cost.
  • 3) The whole process is clean and sterilized, which the products are clean and safe for cooking or eating. And the process after tomato crushing is all enclosed, which could retain the flavor and nutients of fresh tomatoes.
  • 4) This tomato paste production line could be adjusted for making different types paste, like carrot paste, strawberry jam, chilli paste, blueberry jam, etc.

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