Conveyors used in food and beverage production line mainly include bucket elevator, scraper conveyor and belt conveyors.

1) Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator uses the series of buckets fixed on the drag chain or rubber belt for vertical conveying materials from low to high. The drag chain could be loop chain, plate link chain or rubber belt. And the bucket material could be customized according to its use or customer’s request. Bucket material in PP non-toxic material is widely used in food, medicine and chemical industry. The conveying speed of bucket elevator could be adjustable and the the height could be customized. Bucket elevator connected with automatic packing machine could achieve automatic start or stop according to the signal from the packing machine. Bucket elevator is mainly consist of buckets, driving system, chain wheel, drag chain, tensioning gear and equipment casing.
Bucket Elevator

Main Features of Bucket Elevator

  • 1) Low driving power
  • Bucket elevator adopts flow-in feeding, induced discharging with intensive buckets conveying, which could make almost no material feed back and material digging during conveying process, thus has less invalid power.
  • 2) Stable running ability
  • Bucket elevator with advanced design and production process, could be trouble-free running for more than 20000 hours.
  • 3) High lifting height
  • Bucket elecvator is for vertical conveying from low to up with high lifting height than other conveyors.
  • 4) Bucket elevator is widely used for conveying powdery and small particle materials with enclosed system to avoid the materials fly around and cause environmental problem.

Scraper Conveyor

Scraper conveyor is mainly used for conveing or lifting of round-shape fruits and vegetables with smooth surface, also applicable for nut products, which is widely used in the food processing lines. Scraper conveyor is mainly consist of food-grade net belt, stainless platform and mechanical stepless speed transfer motor with stainless feeding hopper. The net belt is composed of a mould of scraping belt and scraper blades. The belt material could be PVC, PU, rubber or canvas according to its use or customer's request. And the belt could add baffle plate accordingly.
Scraper Conveyor

Main Features of Scraper Conveyor

  • 1) Scraper conveyor used in food industry is made of food-grade material and it's mudular design, which has no damage to the conveying materials and easy to clean.
  • 2) Scraper conveyor could be equipped with stepless speed trasfer motor or frequency motor to fit into different types production line.
  • 3) Simple and clear design with compact structure, easy for operation and maintenance
  • 4) Scraper conveyor could lift materials from low to up and with scraper blades which can keep round-shafe materials move with the conveyor without dropping off.

3) Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is used for conveying materials by using the friction between materials and conveying belt. Belt conveyor could be used for conveying both small particle materials and bulky goods. And belt conveyor could be made for horizontral conveying or upswept conveying. Belt Conveyor is composed of:
1) Belt
Common used belt are rubber or plastic belt. Rubber belt is suitable for operating temperature between 15~40℃ and upward conveying angle between 12-24°. For upward conveying with bigger angle, it's better to use high-friction rubber belts with carved stripes. Compared to rubber belt, plastic belt has the advantages of oil, acid, alkali resistance. But plastic belt has poor adaptability to climate change and easy to slip and aging.
2) Idler
Idler is usually classified into single idler (which the wrapping angle of belt to roller is between 201-230°), double-idler (which the wrapping angle of belt to roller reach to 350°) and multi-idler (mainly for high power use). And there are through idler, flat idler, self-aligning idler and buffering idler. Through idler is usually composed of 2-5 rollers, for supporting bearing branchs to convey particle materials. Self-aligning idler is used for adjusting the horizontal positions of the belt to avoid the off tracking. Buffering idler is usually assembled in the materials dropping-in area to reduce the impact of the materials to the belt.
3) Roller
Roller is usually classified into head roller and divert roller. Head roller is the main part for power transmission.
4) Tensioning device
Tensioning is used to get the required tension of belt, to avoid slipping on the head roller, and keep the deflection between belt and idler inside the specified range.
Belt Conveyor

Main Features of Belt Conveyor

  • 1) Simpe and clear structure, lower cost and easy for operation and maintenance.
  • 2) The chain plate of belt conveyor could be made of POM, PVC, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless for different use.
  • 3) Belt conveyor has big range conveying distance from a few meters to 10km.
  • 4) Belt convryor has different designs include straight line and blending type single layer or multi-layer or with baffle plates, etc.
  • 5) Belt conveyor is widely used in food, beverage and plastic industry.

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