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Potato Chips Production Line

Potato chips production line is a process to wash, peel off, cut the potatos, and make sorting of the cutted potaos and wash off the starch, then make blanching, drying, frying, deoiling, dry again, quick-freeze and pack the final products.
Potato Chips Making Machine

Working Process of The Potato Chips Production Line

The potato chips production line include the process of potato washing, peeling off, cutting, sorting, starch washing, blanching, drying, frying, deoiling, quick-freezing and packing.

1) Washing and Peeling

Firstly, use the rolling bush type washing machine to make primary washing and peeling. Then use the bubble type washing machine for further washing again, in order to make fully cleaning of the potatos.

2) Cutting

There are different types potato cutting machine optional to cut the potatos into strips or slices accordingly.

3) Sorting

Pick out the unqualified cutted products.

4) Starch Washing

Wash off the starch from the cutted potatos.

5) Blanching

Blanching is for high temperature sterilization of the cutted potatos before frying.

6) Fast Cooling and Drying

Make fast cooling the blanched potatos to avoid the residual heat cause damge to the nutrient content of potatos, also avoid the re-contamination and proliferation of the microorganisms. And then remove the water from the potato chips by air drying, to keep the good shape of potato chips.

7) Frying and Deoiling

Fry the potato chips and remove the oil after frying.

8) Air Drying

Dry again for the fried potato chips to avoid the residual oil affect the flavor and taste of the potato chips.

9) Quick-freezing and Packing

Make quick-freezing and packing for the final products. Usually it use the weighing type packing machine to make the fast and high efficient packing.

Potato Chips Making Machine

Working Video of Potato Chips Production Line

Main Features of The Potato Chips Production Line

  • 1) The whole system of of this production line are made by 304 stainless steel, which is rust resistant, easy to clean.
  • 2) The production line is automatic and continuous working, which has big processing capacity and high working effiency, which save a lot of manpower and labour cost.
  • 3) The whole process is clean and sterilized, which the products are clean and safe for eating directly.
  • 4) The cooling, drying and freezing process all adopts fast cooling, drying and quick-freezing methods, which could retain the good color, good shape and nutients of potato chips.
  • 5) This potato chips production line could be adjusted for processing different types fried foods.

Site Requirements of The Potato Chips Production Line

1) Space Requirement

This potato chips production line better have a workshop no less than 1000m2, with the height no less than 5m. Inside the workshop, there should not be any other stuff may affect the food sanitation problem. And the workshop should not be built in a bad environment which may cause pollution to the production line and the products.

2) Production Environment and Facility Requirements

The workshop should have enough light, good ventilation, flat and clean ground with necessary facilities for hand-cleaning, sterilization, flyproof, insect prevention and ratproof. Bamboo and wood utensils are forbidden to be used.

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