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Garlic Powder Production Line

Garlic powder production line is a process to split, peel off, wash, slice, dry and grind garlics to get garlic powder as final product. Garlic powder has the functions of purifying distemper, detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and it could significantly reduce the toxicity of effective substances in feed. Garlic powder added into the feed could increase the disease resistance of livestock poultry, fish and shrimp, speed up their growth. And the garlicin inside garlic powder could stimulate the formation of aromatic amino acids in animals, which increase the flavor to meat and eggs and to make meat and eggs more delicious.
Garlic Powder Production Line

Working Process of The Garlic Powder Production Line

Garlic powder production line include the process of garlic spliting, peeling, washing, slicing, drying and grinding.

1) Spliting and Peeling

Garlic spliting and peeling could be completed by the garlic spliting machine and garlic and onion peeling machine automatically instead of manual work.

2) Washing

Garlic washing could use the bubble type vegetable washing machine, which could lmitate the manual washing essentials, wash garlics under high pressure water flow and potent bubbles, to make fully and effective cleaning. The washing process use net belt for conveying, and make the garlics roll over under high pressure air and water, which could avoid the collision damage during washing process.

3) Slicing

Garlic slicing could be directly completed by the garlic slicing machine.

4) Drying

Garlic drying adopts the high volume axial fan for indenpent circulation work, and heat garlics through built-in electric heating tubes equipped with high power controllable silicon controller and PID digital display intelligent temperature controller, relay and other contol devices, which could achieve the functions of high accurate temperature control, time appointment, automatic constant temperature, automatic moisture discharge, automatic overtemperature alarm, etc, to make fast and effective drying.

5) Grinding

Garlic grinding could be directly completed by the garlic grinding machine.

Garlic Powder Production Line

Main Features of The Garlic Powder Production Line

  • 1) The whole system of garlic spliting, peeling, washing, slicing, drying and grinding machines are made of 304 stainless steel, which is rust resistant, easy to clean, and safe to healthy.
  • 2) The production line is automatic and continuous working, which has big processing capacity and high working effiency, which save a lot of manpower and labour cost.
  • 3) The garlic powder production line after garlic spliting are all under enclosed system, which could retain the flavor and nutrients of the garlic.

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